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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We are an online home interior solutions and ecommerce company. We provide basic to advanced and even premium interior designing services.
Currently we operate in Mumbai. We are starting our Pune operation soon.
Houseome was founded in November 2015.
We have our in house application called “Virtualome”. It is a VR based application where we show customer their apartment in 3D and make them comfortable before execution starts. Virtualome remarkably reduces time for designing which enable customer to shift to their new apartment in time.
Houseome is founded by Pradeep Singhvi and few angel investors have invested in seed funding.
We have our own team of curated Interior Designers and contractors. Progress of work is tracked on daily basis and weekly update shared with customer.
Everyone aspires for a beautiful home. However Interior Designing space is most unorganized sector in India, though it is necessity for a customer. Our ideology is to bring professionalism in this space. This ideology always pushes us to find ways for improvement. It translates into for you as a client is unmatched customer experience.
It depends on size of the project but with our Virtualome technology we can ensure speedy delivery. To get an estimate on time, book a consultation with our Design Expert by calling +91 90048 64583
We believe in providing customer end to end solutions. A bad contractor can not convert best design into reality, hence we refrain from doing only designing work. Our ideology is to provide end to end solution by providing curator designers and professional team.
Yes, you can. But the responsibility of coordinating, quality check and timely delivery is yours. Houseome will not coordinate with your vendor regarding material delivery.
- Material Inspection for quality and authenticity.
- Timely delivery.
- Best Rates using benefits of bulk buying.
Yes. Houseome’s designers will help you pick the materials according to your budget , value of money, design preference and timelines.
Yes, we can help you in re-designing your existing furniture to match new design.

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