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Your wardrobe look like below

Note:1 Door - 18” X 84” X 21” | 2 Door - 36” X 84” X 21” | 3 Door - 54” X 84” X 21” | 4 Door - 72” X 84” X 21”, Configuration of wardrobes can be customised as per your requirement.

MDF with Laminate Finish

  • Medium Density Fibre (MDF) board is an engineered wood with wax, resin, and wood fibers — the wax provides moisture resistance, while the resin keeps the mixture uniformly dense.
  • High density makes MDF better suited for doors–ensuring that the door hinges hold properly, without sagging or dislocating.
  • Since the board is made of fibres, and not solid wood, there is no warping, ever.
  • MDF is water resistant and treated for borer and termite resistance.
  • To give it elegant look we give finish it with Laminate. Laminate can be matt finish, solid finish etc.

Plywood with Laminate Finish

  • Extremely versatile, plywood is an engineered wood made by pasting layers of natural wood veneers together.
  • Inherently strong, it’s easily able to take on a heavier load.
  • Best suited for when you want to store heavy items in your wardrobe–stacks of books, loaded boxes, etc.
  • To give it elegant look we give finish it with Laminate. Laminate can be matt finish, solid finish etc.

Pre-Laminated Particle Board

  • Pre Laminated Particle Board is a remarkably strong engineered wood manufactured from wood chips and a chemical binder.
  • It’s warp-proof, so no nasty splinters, ever.
  • Water resistant, and treated for borer and termite resistance.
  • Recommended for wardrobes that will primarily be used to house clothes, shoes, etc.

As no two people can be the same. No two requirement can be the same.

We understand that you need your space specifically designed for you. We are here to pamper you and fulfil all your requirements by providing mess free solution with great quality.

Please send us your designing requirement by sharing information in “Request Customization” we will give you best option.

Ask our renowned Designer to show you material finishes to get feel of the finish.

We are currently operating only in Mumbai and provide designing solution in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane region. For other cities, please share your requirements we will connect you with best Interior Designer or Product supplier in your city.

All our Furniture are made by state of the art machinery to give furniture elegant look and no sharp edged.

All our wardrobes are Indoor furniture and may get damaged if kept under sun.

We will deliver your product in 45 days.

Wardrobe comes with 1 year manufacturer’s warranty for manufacturing defect. Defect due to usage for which furniture is not intended are not covered under warranty.

Design your wardrobes and cupboards at

Your bedroom is a place to provide respite at the end of a long day and Wardrobe is the most important storage space in bedroom. In today’s cramped homes, it is rather important to get the wardrobe design right with no waste. We will help you in designing your “The Wardrobe” to match your expectation with maximum utility. Here are few tips for the perfect bedroom wardrobe design.

Get the measurement right:

Measure accurately the width, depth and height of the space that is being converted for your wardrobe, including those of individual shelves. Know the general dimensions of all your folded clothing items beforehand. You don’t want your folded jeans jutting out of the rack or realize that the blouse rack has more than its share of space. Plan storage options for future needs too, such as a family member coming to stay or a baby on the way.

Organisers: shelves and drawers

Shelves are probably the most versatile components in a closet system. They accommodate items in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and provide easy access to the stored items. And if you use an adjustable system of tracks and brackets, you can easily position them at various levels as per your needs.

Wardrobe doors

Folding wardrobe doors or sliding wardrobe doors? The location of your closet and the amount of space you have in the room will determine the best type of door for your closet. Folding doors give easy access to the contents inside, the back of the door doubling up as an additional storage space. However, the doors need more space to swing open outwards. The alternate option is the sliding door, perfect for small bedrooms; however, this permits access to only one side of your closet at a time. Sliding doors come in a variety of styles and finishes, from frosted and translucent glass to mirrored glass, and give a contemporary look to the decor.

Houseome Wardrobes and Cupboards

From ideation to creation, we at Houseome help you at every stage of your wardrobe design. We offer over 1000 wardrobe configurations, a wide array of door finishes and colour options, and only the best in terms of material quality. Send us your requirement with maximum input, Book a consultation with our wardrobe experts - they will visit you at a time convenient to you for FREE, understand your space and wardrobe requirements, help you choose the configurations that best suit your taste and space, show you mocks of the design, and give you an instant price quote on the spot. Honestly, getting personalised wardrobes made has never been easier!

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